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Our Services

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Making Notes
Startup Development Team

Management Consulting

Analyze & Solve Tough Problems

Today's uncertain and ever-changing world is challenging private companies and government to be more nimble, responsive and resilient. We can help you to analyze the issues, present options, and recommend actions that solve the toughest problems. 

  • Strategic and Operational Planning

  • Business Plans / Business Case Development

  • Program Design / Review / Evaluation

  • Market & Customer Analysis

  • Competitive Positioning

Governance & Board Matters

Reduce Risk & Achieve Outcomes

Strong Boards know that achieving good governance is a never-ending process.

We help Boards facing tough challenges,

and those that are optimizing their governance journey:

  • 'Top to bottom' diagnostic review 

  • Annual Board planning

  • Board, Committee and Director effectiveness assessments

  • Board policy / process development

  • Leadership transition & coaching

  • New Director orientation & training

  • CEO / ED transition ​

  • CEO / ED performance evaluation

Organizational Improvement

Stabilize, Grow and Compete

We can help you understand what is standing in your way of operating efficiency, growth, and organizational stability.

In addition to a thorough management analysis of your concerns, we also leverage proprietary, multi-factor diagnostic tools, that rapidly compare your orgnaization to best practice, including:

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Customer & Product

  • Human Resources

  • Innovation & Risk

  • Operations, Technology & Finance

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